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Samsung Galaxy S5: 5 reasons to buy it today

we now give you five reasons to do so. There. Now. Immediately. 

This is the best Samsung

Many were disappointed by the Samsung Galaxy S5, not because it is bad, but because it is ultimately very similar to the Galaxy S4 . I do not necessarily recommend to owners of S4 to drop everything for the S5, they might feel frustrated with little change. But for everyone else, there is one thing to say: the Galaxy S5 is the best smartphone Samsung has ever built. Enough said.

It is multitasking

The interface Samsung TouchWiz is one of the most developed market. It has its own peculiarities, and differs much a pure Android smartphone, but it offers many features that makes it unique devices. There are of course gestural control or by voice, but also multitasking, which is particularly well managed, alongside a host of customization options that make your life easier. 

It has an excellent camera

This is simply the best camera that Samsung has created for his series S. The sensor is 16 MP, but the pixels are not everything: the device interface has been revised, it offers new options such the preview of the HDR mode live, but more importantly, it is more ergonomic. An intuitive camera, exactly what you need for a smartphone that can take everywhere with us!

It is not more expensive than other

Long, the prices of smartphones Samsung are placed above the competition: a sales technique "to Apple" did not like at all, but still had its effects. This time, all major competitors have strangely stored at the same price or almost: the Xperia Z2 and the HTC One (M8) are both expected between 600 and 700 €. This is expensive, but for once, Samsung is not off-limits, and is still cheaper than a new Apple iPhone 5s.

It is stronger than the other

Plastic, we like it or not like it's just a matter of taste. But faced with the aluminum, the plastic shell of the Galaxy S5 will be more shock resistant! In addition, Samsung has decided to take the next step and now offers protected against water and dust smartphone. You say, Sony did not wait for me to do so: indeed, but the hull of the S5 remains removable, as well as the battery. This is a huge advantage over the Xperia Z2 example!
These reasons are not enough to convince you? Take a look at our article  3 Reasons unusual to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 !

Top 5 important apps for your Samsung Galaxy S5

have You purchased the latest flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S5 ? We have selected for you 5 important applications to optimize your experience with this smartphone with multiple capabilities.

Pixlr Express

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is excellent, you will be able to enjoy taking pictures of every moment. With Pixlr Express, you can edit your photos, make cropping or editing, all in a few steps! Pixlr if you do not like, you can also choose another app from our  Top 7 photo editing applications for Android .

Pixlr ExpressINSTALL


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is resistant to water and dust, and it offers a pulse sensor at the rear, ideal for measuring your efforts without risking damage! RunKeeper offers to track your physical activities as varied as they are, and records your heart rate using the S5. In addition, the app is compatible with S and Health Gear Fit !

RunKeeper - GPS Running WalkingINSTALL

Super Backup

Samsung Galaxy S5 raises many personal data, you'll regret losing if a misfortune befalls him: photos, music, sports scores, applications ... Do not forget to save all! Super Backup, among others, is very functional. If your S5 is Roote , you can also make a backup of your data app, very convenient.

Super Backup: SMS & ContactsINSTALL

Riptide GP2

You have a nice screen, a powerful processor, and full-screen mode with Android 4.4 KitKat ... so enjoy, and play games that are worth! Riptide GP2 is a good option for those who enjoy racing games, it can also be used in multiplayer mode. For a quieter but no less impressive game: we suggest you  The Room Two .



Now that you have your Galaxy S5, do not miss all our news, tips, tutorials and other juicy information flagship Samsung! Visit the Play Store to install our new AndroidPIT application.

AndroidPIT: Apps, News, ForumINSTALL
Do you have any other applications to advise owners of the Galaxy S5?

Galaxy Tab 4 : every thing about samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Galaxy Tab 4 tablets 7.8 and 10.1 inches

Samsung has unveiled its new line of Galaxy Tab tablets 4. Declined in versions 7, 8 and 10.1 inches , they lock in pretty much the same specifications.

Last week , the famous Twitter account @ eveaks unveiled an official picture of the 7 -inch Galaxy Tab Samsung Version 4 . Today, the Korean formalizes the arrival of this range which will be available in three screen sizes with tablets 7, 8 and 10.1 inches.

Availability and price unknown

The design remains the Galaxy Tab 3 and each version will be available in black or white, powered by Android 4.4 KitKat . Screens Galaxy Tab 4 will all have a definition of 1280 x 800 pixels. Beneath it is a quadruple heart chip clocked at 1.2 GHz and supported by 1.5 GB of RAM and 8 to 16 GB for storage, depending on the model . The back of the tablet a 3 megapixel camera sensor is available and another is 1.3 megapixel front. 4G option is also available.

For now , Samsung has not given the price and the release date of these new models . This date could be set for April 24 , as evidenced by the host of the official photo of the Galaxy Tab screen 4. 

GALAXY S5 VS XPERIA Z2 , every thing compared


The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2 were the highlights at the MWC in Barcelona. We have taken the new flagship of Samsung and Sony under the microscope and show the differences .

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs . Sony Xperia Z2 , this is the duel between the heir to the throne . Because the predecessor Galaxy S4 and the pre-predecessor Xperia Z are at the moment the top two smartphones in the connect leaderboard. We could see the two successors at MWC in Barcelona antesten and betrayed in our comparison , was able to convince the model more .

Display: Both screens at top level

The display of the Xperia Z2 is minimally larger than the 5.1 -inch screen of the Galaxy S5 with 5.2 inches . Both displays solve at 1920 pixels and thus in Full- HD 1080 x . Both the LCD screen of the Sony Xperia Z2 as well as the Super AMOLED screen of the S5 are brilliant . But only the display measurements in the lab connect can deliver and show which of the two displays more accurate values ​​.

Housing and processing : Advantage Sony

The top two models are processed perfectly and fit perfectly in your hand. Both smartphones are dust and waterproof to IP67 (Galaxy S5 ) or IP55/58 ( Xperia Z2) . The matte plastic back of the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes in a golf ball pattern with many small round depressions and therefore provides a very secure grip. Whether this look is for everyone, however, is another question .

The glass enclosure of the Xperia Z2 dispenses with optical abnormalities, but looks very classy . With 158 grams, the new Sony flagship weighs but 15 grams more than the competitor from Samsung.

 Samsung Galaxy S5 Author: Slawomir Niewrzol © Manufacturers

The 2.5GHz quad-core processor should make for a top performance .

Performance: Z2 better equipped

Both smartphones are equipped with a super-fast quad-core processor. The CPU of the S5 is faster with a clock speed of 2.5 GHz compared to 2.3 GHz when Z2 a touch . Whether this makes noticeable difference in practice , may be doubted.

Sony donated his new flagship for 3 GB of memory while the Galaxy S5 offers only 2 GB of RAM. Either way : Both smartphones offer top performance , but the Z2 is likely to be a bit better due to the larger memory than the S5. Point for Sony .

Memory: S5 beats Z2

During storage , the Galaxy S5 beats the Xperia Z2. While only 16 GB are available at the Sony flagship of internal memory , Samsung offers a 16 GB and 32 GB version . Both smartphones can the memory via MicroSD card expandable up to 64 GB

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Apple iphone 6 price : If the iPhone 6 one hundred U.S. dollars more expensive?

If the iPhone 6 one hundred U.S. dollars more expensive?

Apple fans expect the new iPhone 6 with great excitement : it is to come in the autumn on the market and have a larger display. For the Group as a good reason to raise the base price to $ 100. If the price increase soon to Europe ?
Wild speculations about the features of the new iPhone 6 has long been haunted by the network : The new device will be available in the shops probably from the fall and have most likely on a larger screen than its predecessors. No wonder that the company wants to make its customers for immediately grab deeper into the pockets . One analyst has called concrete figures : According to the device in the United States will invest about U.S. $ 100 more expensive than the base price of the current iPhone 5s, as the news website " " reports . Whether Apple wants to perform such a price increase in Europe , however, is still unclear .

Currently, Apple conceded as the base price for its flagship iPhone 5s in America almost 200 U.S. dollars including Carrier

Subsidies. This price could now rise by 50 percent , at least when it comes analyst Peter Misek claimed by the financial services firm Jefferies . " The idea may seem at first far-fetched sound when the investors concerns considered with respect to the possible carrier subsidies and price reductions for smartphones in a saturated market in which it at distinguishability between the devices is missing" , have Misek with according to the report in a note explanatory words written to his customers. " But we think that precisely this lack of differentiation could be the reason why Apple could get by the price increase .

iPhone 6 is the only high-end device

The "iPhone 6" is probably the only high-end device this year that really produce headlines , Misek added on. Also, the industry market researchers suspect that the rush will be huge, so " " . The new device is considered to be extremely popular as a special -coated sapphire crystal display make the Smartphone a silver bullet .

For some time it is speculated that the iPhone 6 is released in two different model sizes : once with a 4.7 -inch display and once with a 5.5 to 5.7 inch screen . This would allow the larger version for the first time include the phablet category - would also be correspondingly higher production costs. Both models are expected by experts for fall or winter. The smaller model will probably appear before the larger ones.

How will be Apple Smart watch ( iwatch ) ?

Apple has become, by virtue of being one of the most technology companies at the forefront of the scene, the point of permanent technology enthusiasts to track pedophiles and development, and through that spread a lot of rumors about their products and projects ahead. This year is expected will be how Apple watch and especially that we saw first and second generation of Samsung watch - this link - and also Google's entry to the world of clocks - this link -. Became everybody in the stadium, both Sony and LG and Motorola, Samsung and others. How will Apple watch? And when to reveal it?

watches in the markets

Before we talk about Apple watch we have to look quickly to competitors :
LG and Motorola : in conjunction with a detection system for Google Android " ware " announced LG and Motorola also for their clock private and which are running Android applications and you can download it and use voice commands and search on the Internet and dozens of advantages
Samsung: Samsung has more than an watch , such as Gear 2 , which are running Teisen and offers a lot of phone features such as call and voice search and watch notices and many other applications , and also an watch Fit a Sport Watch great measure temperature , pressure, and calories burnt and other properties .
Sony and Pebble: other watches available on the market and is also related to the Internet by telephone, you can answer calls and send messages and other properties out. 
Conclusion: The clocks are all subjected notices and respond to calls with the provision of load applications. There are watches like Fit measure temperature, pressure, and a lot of biomarkers. Spin watch prices between $ 200 to $ 300.

Apple watch :

When he graduated Apple product from a new class , as in the case of a smart time , can not imitate others. Vibl when offering a product or something must be preceded by competitors , the iPhone was not like any phone and already we've seen the iPad was not like any other tablet device , or even a fingerprint technique was always like that we have seen . So expectations are expected to rule that says that Apple will resemble watch of Motorola and Samsung who in turn are like a lot of before in the market. Should surprise Apple something new . We must not forget that Apple is a company characterized by luxury and upscale nature in all its products ; That is why we could not find a producer of cheap Apple products no matter what ... are you going to Apple by making her watch cheap?
By virtue of Preference Apple to provide products with a special character , and dealing with a specific category of consumers , we can expect that they will not go out to design unusual for her watch , but the design of a luxury , especially since most people still prefer to wear watches normal to wear a smart watch for the simple reason that time reflect when many people about the physical level and suggests an upscale appearance when you wear them dear . Many prefer people wear watches bearing the name of global brands such as : Citizen and Rolex and Seiko and similar brands that feature categories high price , even if some people do not think before buying these watches nature upscale and prefer to watch smart currently deployed nature of digital pure .
For the foregoing reasons lies to Apple that combines challenges , to provide specifications smart watch to compete with technology companies , and also designed a luxury watch companies to compete in the global appearance. Accordingly, the trading of many people and some of the possible scenarios that relate some of them in the following points:
Apple to come out an watch a smart traditional, but taking into account not exceed $ 400 price barrier so as not to be much higher for competitors .
Apple to offer watch of design , but also enjoy the elegance of luxury materials and attract fans to watch the classic but this could increase the price a bit .
It is the third best prospect that Apple issued two watches in two different sizes , but .. you will be two-watch copies replica with a little difference , as happened in the iPad ? Apple offers the size and price of competing technical clocks in the market and be priced between $ 200 and $ 400 . The other version more luxurious , quality and target their highest -income group , which will compete in the field of public clocks .

Model of an imaginary clock called a famous Swedish TRIWA as if Apple offers similar smart -watch

Release date :

The date of the issuance of time will not come out for three dates are:
WWDC conference , a prospect that does not exceed the likelihood of the 20% that Apple reveal about the product early and then announce that it will be available in the market , for example, the end of the year , as it did with the iPhone and revealed by the availability of 5 months and the iPad before selling it to 3 months. Does repeating it with time ?
Conference on the iPhone : It is the strongest possibility -70% - for Apple to announce at the same time the iPhone in September and for the detection of exclusive benefits to those who acquire the iPhone 6 and the time together .
Conference independently: a 10% probability that Apple specialty conference independent of the watch and for this to happen we have to have a lot to reveal and talk about it.

Advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom

Advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom

Offer you the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom phone specialist in photography , which was announced in June 2013 of a series of other versions of the Galaxy S4 

 Phone Features(  Galaxy S4 zoom ) 

1 - Screen : 4.3-inch Super AMOLED , supports touch 0.16 million colors with a property to protect against scratching Corning Gorilla Glass, the third version .
2 - Camera: 16 mega pixel , 4608 × 3456 pixels, autofocus , 10 X optical zoom (24-240MM), and optical image stabilization , and Xenon flash and the sensor size 1/2.33 ' .
3 - Video capture : the quality of 1080p and 30 frames per second and a front camera : 1.9 megapixels .
4 - Operating System : Android , version 4.2.2 Jelly between .
5 - speed dual-core processor 1.5 GHz Cortex-A9 is good .
6 - Guaranteed RAM : 1.5 GB of RAM.
7 - Bluetooth: The fourth release with A2DP, LE allowing you to transfer images and files better and faster .
8 - Technology : NFC a quick technique to transfer files between phones that support this technique .
9 - the card slot (Card slot) Micro : up to 64 GB.

disadvantages of the Galaxy S4 zoom

1 - Weight 208 grams heavy and thick for up to 15.4 mm .
2 - GPU : Mali-400 average performance.
3 - Screen : the quality is not HD.
4 - Aldkhalah memory storage : 8 GB of available memory I use 5 GB .
5 - Radio : does not support .
6 - processor chips obsolete.

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know the top 10 mobiles ever- best phones in the World 2014

list with top ( best ) phones in the world 2014

there are many good phones this year so please do not get sad if this list not what you believe 

1- iphone 5s 

this phone maybe the most popular phone in this year. maybe the next iphone (iphone 6 ) will be announced this year as well , but tell now most people likes to bought it .do not forget the IOS which give this phone many features .

2- samsung galaxy s5

 samsung galaxy s5 one of the most new samsung devices which has many new features however many people think that , this phone look like the 4s . but do not forget this mobile is water proof and have very very good camera with 16 MP .

3- xperia z2

we will not forget sony xperia which offers very good phones with very good finish quality 
the xperia z2 has many good specifications like it's camera which about 20.7 MP,
Talk time: up to 19 hours , and do not forget the  Waterproof and dust-resistant

4- HTC One M8

on of the most powerful phones ever , from htc 



5- Samsung Galaxy Note 3

 every thing in the next picture , click on it to mack it biger